console watching tool
Type: pam module
Description: pam_watch attaches to users console and allows spying all it's i/o
Author: Samuel Behan<_samuel_._behan_(a)_dob.sk_>
Status: Dead
Stable: 0.4.0[link]
Requires: Linux-PAM[link]
Manuals: README [link] ChangeLog [link]

pam_watch versions overview
Branch Date Version Download Informations
stable 0.4.0 [link] new major stable release
unstable 0.3.9 [link] feature enhancement
unstable 0.3.8 [link] feature enhancement
unstable 0.3.7 [link] 2nd rewrite
stable 0.2.1 [link] major functionality enhancement
stable 0.2 [link] first public release

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