simple & highly customizable static document templating
Type: set of scripts
Description: SWPages is set of scripts for simple static document templating. This app fullfils the need of having dynamic content, with low (non realtime) update frequency, improving performance of document fetching and drastically decreasing server load.
Author: Samuel Behan<_samuel_._behan_(a)_dob.sk_>
Status: Living
Stable: 0.2.2[link]
Requires: libxslt[link] bash[link]
See: XML[link] XSLT[link] HTML[link]

SWPages versions overview
Branch Date Version Download Informations
stable 0.2.2 [link] new project type added
stable 0.2.1 [link] xslt updates + example added
stable 0.2.0 [link] first public release

Page generated by SWPAGES 0.2.2 (static web pages) using XML and XSLT.