SDL graphic support for links web browser
Type: graphic driver (patch)
Description: This is patch to add SDL video graphic support for links
Author: Samuel Behan<_samuel_._behan_(a)_dob.sk_>
Status: Starving
Stable: 0.1.3[link]
Requires: links 2.1+[link] libSDL[link]
See: ELinks[link] Links-hacked[link] screenshots[link]
Manuals: README [link] sdl-env-vars [link]

Links+SDL versions overview
Branch Date Version Download Informations
stable 0.1.3 [link] pre15 fixes + cleanup (run './rebuild reconf' to make it work)
unstable 0.1.2 [link] many fixes, compilation is now easy
unstable 0.1.1 [link] first public release (needs some work to compile it ;)

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