fast lexical analyzator
Type: perl package
Description: Text::Tokenizer is flex based lexical analyzator perl module
Author: Samuel Behan<_samuel_._behan_(a)_dob.sk_>
Status: Living
Stable: 0.4.7[link]
Requires: perl[link]
Depends: passwd_exp[link] pfadmin[link]
Repository: [web]
See: flex[link]
Manuals: README [link] Changes [link]

Text::Tokenizer versions overview
Branch Date Version Download Informations
stable 2012-02-18 0.4.7 [link] buffer parsing fixed
stable 2012-01-25 0.4.6 [link] win32 compilation fix
stable 2011-11-21 0.4.5 [link] cleanups
stable 2011-11-11 0.4.4 [link] BSD platform fixes
stable 2011-11-06 0.4.3 [link] POD docu fixes
stable 2009-03-11 0.4.2 [link] 64bit platform fixes
stable 2009-03-09 0.4.1 [link] minor fixes
stable 2006-03-28 0.4.0 [link] new major version
stable 2006-03-28 0.2.7 [link] last 0.2.x version with updated flex (security fix)
unstable 2006-01-16 0.4.0-rc1 [link] new major version release candidate
stable 2005-09-13 0.2.6 [link] minor bugfix release
stable 2005-01-07 0.2.5 [link] minor bugfix release
stable 2005-01-06 0.2.4 [link] major bugfix release
stable 2004-04-16 0.2.3 [link] minor bugfix release
stable 2004-03-26 0.2.2 [link] major features enahncement
stable 2004-03-24 0.2.1 [link] code cleanup
stable 2004-02-23 0.2.0 [link] first public release

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