password expiration email notifier
Type: perl script (app)
Description: passwd_exp notifies users of password or account expiration via email
Author: Samuel Behan<_samuel_._behan_(a)_dob.sk_>
Status: Living
Stable: 1.2.11[link] [link]
Requires: perl[link] Text-Tokenizer[link]
Repository: [web]
See: pfadmin[link]
ChangeLog: ChangeLog [link]
Manuals: README [link]

passwd_exp versions overview
Branch Date Version Download Informations
stable 2009-12-03 1.2.11 [link] [link] small feature enhancement
stable 2009-07-24 1.2.10 [link] [link] small fixes
stable 1.2.9b [link] [link] new autoconf fix
stable 1.2.9 [link] small bug fixes
stable 1.2.8 [DevilsGate Overloaded] [link] rc1 cleanups
unstable 1.2.8rc1 [link] major feature enhancements
unstable 1.2.7rc2 [link] prerelease fixes
unstable 1.2.7rc1 [link] bug fixes + features enhancements
unstable 1.2.6rc1 [DevilsGate] [link] major features enhancement
stable 1.2.5 [link] important bug fixes
stable 1.2.4 [link] important bug fix
stable 1.2.3 [link] small bug fixes
stable 1.2.2 [link] more portable installation (pro Solaris)
stable 1.2.1 [link] installation script rewrite
stable 1.2.0 [link] cleanup + big installation changes
stable 1.1.2 [link] test release
stable 1.1.1 [link] major bugfixes
stable 1.1.0 [link] code cleanup
unstable 1.0.4 [link] major features enhancement
stable 1.0.3 [link] minor features enhancement

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